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Realizing Your Potential

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Be Encouraged
It bears repeating that potential is how far you can go, not alone, but with God. You see, it takes faith to go where you have never gone before, to do what you have never done before. God’s Opinion Matters Most
You cannot afford to allow past failures, the thoughts and opinions of others or even the devil make you feel devalued.

Sometimes we can learn very helpful life lessons from unexpected places. If it is more tragic in tone, one line of thinking goes that it will feel more negative, that we are at the mercy of fate. On the other hand, the idea of destiny tends to have grander implications for life’s purpose and meaning. In this variation, genuineness and passion are highlighted and may even be idealized (which can become problematic). The underlying assumptions are of a strong, agentic sense of self, often with an overlay of post-modernism and constructivism, in the sense of making meaning as a conscious process.

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Adopting a growth mindset can also lead to increased purpose in life. Help your client move away from a fixed mindset and open up to finding new purpose through exploration and challenge (Lee, Hwang, & Jang, 2018; Smith, 2018). The Terror Management how to create meaning in life Theory (TMT) suggests that features that remind us of our mortality are likely to heighten fear around death (Routledge & Juhl, 2010). However, TMT also suggests that a life “imbued with meaning and purpose” can help stave off such angst.

Realizing Your Meaning

I hope this stirs readers up in a constructive way, even if it is a brief treatment of a complex state of affairs. Think implies the entrance of an idea into one’s mind with or without deliberate consideration or reflection. Add realizing to one of your lists below, or create a new one. As Sartre points out, this realization may begin with anguish and spiral to a sense of vertiginous nausea before we act.

The Big Questions: How to Find Meaning in Life

It is about surrendering yourself to God and letting His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Practice bringing full presence and a sense of newness to the unfolding moments in your day, like an actor performing a play for the first time. In this model, the idea of the path is more vague and lies in the future, and when setting off at the beginning, we are not setting foot on a particular path, but we are heading in a direction that we think makes sense and feels good enough. The goal is to gather information, see how it goes, and revise and clarify along the way. This can be very useful for people who «know what they want,» but can be problematic if they find their goals drastically change, and they hold on to their initial aspirations, which can become tied up with identity. If that happens, the command-and-control model can break down, becoming too inflexible.

Similarly, a sense of meaning and purpose is crucial to create an environment for pursuing personal goals. This article explores a few of the questions central to the vast and complex topic of meaning and purpose in life and introduces techniques and tools to help clients find answers. Nik Sharma, a molecular biologist turned chef and cookbook author, says that washing meat was standard practice in India where he grew up. “When I grew up, we never bought chickens pre-cleaned or pre-cut from the grocery store,” he says.

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The best technique for becoming lucid is to actually become more aware and look and listen and pay attention to details, because when you see things that don’t fit, that’s a clue that you’re dreaming. To facilitate the process you can form the habit of examining the environment or your state of awareness during the day. Mental habits you practice during the day tend to continue in dreams. So you examine your environment during the day, you examine your awareness, and then you may notice that something is different once you start dreaming. Someone who has become lucid has much higher levels of awareness—and obviously, I think that’s one of the biggest benefits of lucid dreaming.

Even though the term «lucid» means clear, lucid dreaming is more than just having a clear dream. To have a lucid dream you must know that it’s a dream while you’re dreaming. It doesn’t require that you can control anything in your dream, though control is what beginning lucid dreamers often aim at. People get attracted to lucid dreaming because they want to be able to do things they could never do in waking reality, for example, taste fire or fly to the sun. More and more experienced lucid dreamers are realizing the benefits of lucid dreaming. You can use it to explore the boundaries of your own agency and the limits of the universe.

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Here’s what research reveals about our networks’ gravitational force. If you’re looking for more science-based ways to help others discover meaning, this collection contains 17 validated meaning tools for practitioners. Use them to help others choose directions for their lives in alignment with what is truly important to them. The following tools and techniques are taken from our Positive Psychology Toolkit© and can support your work with clients in their search for purpose and meaning. The exercises are briefly explained, and can be access with a subscription to the Toolkit, which contains over 400 useful tools.


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